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Friends hanging out in pop top camper van

Van Owners

We made a new friend in the process

“We absolutely loved every single moment! The van owner Mary was so sweet, friendly, easygoing and kind. We loved meeting her and her level of effort and hospitality deserves special mention. She has my highest recommendation and I feel we made a new friend in the process. It was beyond our expectation. Thank you for everything!!”

Josh, in the van called Sparkles

GoCamp is a Peer-to-Peer Model

GoCamp is just like Airbnb, except for camper vans! Each camper van available to rent through GoCamp has a doting owner who wants to share their van with you. GoCamp is small by design; we curate the fleet and only include the very best vans and the very nicest van owners. GoCamp van owners are genuinely interested in making sure you have a fantastic time. Meet a few van owners below.

Man and woman smiling; GoCamp van owners

Chloe and Jordan

Favorite campsite: Trillium Lake Campground on Mt Hood. The mirror reflection of the mountain on the lake gets us every time.

Woman wears a hat and smiles near evergreen trees


Favorite destination: Anywhere there is water ... rivers, lakes, the ocean.

Van Owner Steve


Favorite time to camp: FALL! Once the kids are back in school the campgrounds empty out. Fall is the perfect time of year to camp.

A caring, energetic, and knowledgable owner

“GoCamp was awesome -- the experience was personable and professional, from start to finish. Duke, the owner of Maupin, is a great example of a caring, energetic, and knowledgable owner (one of many that rent vans through Go Camp I am sure). He made our experience the very best. It was so evident how much he loved his van and how well kept it was.”

Peter, in the van called Maupin

Dream Deliverers

One of the very first van owners to join the GoCamp fleet, Christophe, pictured at left, often talks about being a "Dream Deliverer." Owning a camper van, or even just getting a taste of #vanlife for a little while, is a dream for so many people. We love being dream deliverers.

When you rent a GoCamp van, you join a community of other camper van enthusiasts. Welcome; we're glad you are here.

The van owner went above and beyond

“It was awesome! On a scale of 1-5 it was a 10. We took our rental all the way to Yosemite and had a mega time. The van owner, Jim, went above and beyond in order to make our stay special. He’s the man. We will definitely rent again in the future or even end up buying our own van. Thank you all for the seamless rental process. Thankful for people like you all and Jim. 🙏🏼 ”

Mitch and Franny, in the van called Marin Mountaineer