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Large group having a fun time outside two camper vans

Real People Who Help You Have a Really Great Time

Deborah Kane created GoCamp in 2017 with one goal in mind:

make camping easy

The idea was born directly from Deborah’s own life as a camper van owner and Airbnb super host. Why not combine the two? GoCamp’s peer-to-peer platform lets van owners earn extra income by renting out their camper vans, and gives renters an opportunity to experience #vanlife without having to purchase a van of their own.

GoCamp’s fleet is select and curated, featuring only the very best camper vans from the nicest van owners. GoCamp camper vans are as diverse and wonderful as the people who own and rent them. All are fully outfitted with everything you need to hop in and go. And the GoCamp team is here to help at every mile along the way.

The Smiles Say It All

We love what we do. The GoCamp team is fueled by a genuine passion for camping and outdoor life. We get to help people discover the freedom and joy of camper van adventure every day.

GoCamp's friendly crew is available seven days a week, 365 days a year. Curious about listing your van? Ready to rent a van and hit the road? We can't wait to hear from you! Real people who really love to talk camper vans can be reached daily at 503-327-8512 or

All Aboard

The GoCamp staff is like a road trip playlist that’s got a little bit of everything.

We’re a diverse blend of humans who share a love of camping and camper vans. We’re also surfers and shark conservationists, white water kayakers and mountain bikers, yoga teachers and veterans, parents and pet fosters, musicians, calligraphers, photographers, hunters, gardeners, social workers, knitters, cross stitchers, and so much more. Hablamos español, English, vanlife, and some Chinese. Many of us own camper vans, others are still window shopping, and some are happy to rent on GoCamp!

We’re ALL happy to be here. And we can’t wait to GoCamp with you!

Camila Ramirez

Camila "Scary Smart" Ramirez isn't afraid to dive into spreadsheets or out of an airplane. She's fueled by black coffee and an enthusiasm for camper vans. She was born in Colombia, owned a camper van rental company in Colorado, and recently relocated to Tennessee. Camila always seems to know where to go, which is why she's GoCamp's Chief Executive Officer!

Candice Kozark

Candice Kozark has been on a path of travel and adventure since attending a van rally in Carbondale, Colorado. Candice started Vanarky in the Ozarks to build the middle America van community, and is our resident Red Bull Pump Track champion! Fact. GoCamp's Director of Operations is cooler than all of us and we're totally good with that.

Clarissa Witcomb

East-coaster Clarissa calls New York home, but ever since renting the van called Sally Ride out of Seattle and exploring the Pacific Northwest, a whole new world of roads to wander has been revealed! Clarissa has found her community with GoCamp. And she helps this community drive and thrive as GoCamp's rockstar Office Administrator.

Deborah Kane

Deborah wants you to find your bliss outdoors. That's why she founded GoCamp. She knows how soul-enriching it is to go your own way in the woods, on the road, or on the water, and to reconnect by disconnecting. To find Deborah, look for her camper van by the side of a river. She'll be the happy kayaker reading the rapids for the best line.

Eric Raszewski

Eric is a GoCamp Field Director and can tell you everything you need to know about renting out your van, thanks to #vanlife, and everything you didn't know you needed to know about Disney musicals, thanks to #dadlife. Eric shares his love for camping and the outdoors by renting his own Eurovan, "Call Me Yeti" on GoCamp.

Janice Hsu

Janice has lived full-time in her van before and would love to again someday! She is an expert at all things vanlife, an expert at building a rockstar team, and an expert at finding the best taco spots in Southern California. Critical skills, and just a few of the reasons why she's our super savvy Chief Operations Officer.

JanieLynn Lankford

JanieLynn is the future owner of a Storyteller Overland MODE 4x4 and she is ridiculously excited to help you plan your GoCamp trip. She'll be your best friend by the end of a phone call, will be the first one asking how your trip went when you get back, and she probably has a foster puppy in her lap right now.

Yeti in the door pocket of a camper van

Not Pictured

Not pictured, but still very real (and epically amazing): Angie Jones, Dawn Fitchen, Katie Bessert, Linsey Rodriquez, Samuel Gomez, and Melissa Shaw.