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Man walks toward a picnic table at sunset with a Eurovan Camper in California.

One-Way Rentals

Please be advised that our general one-way rental service is being redesigned to provide you with a better experience.

For now, we are only promoting special offers from individual van owners. If you received an email regarding details of a one-way offer, simply complete the One-way Special form and we’ll be in touch with more information. Our new one-way program will launch soon, so stay tuned for updates!


Go From Point A To Point B

Want to pick up a camper van in Portland and drive down the coast via Highway 101 stopping at every beautiful beach, tall tree, and awe-inspiring sunset along the way, then fly home out of Los Angeles? Of course you do! Driving the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) is a bucket list kind of adventure.


Man looks at map at picnic table on the Oregon Coast while the sun sets

How One-Way Rentals Work

A select number of GoCamp van owners offer one-way rentals. When searching for a GoCamp van for your one-way trip, you can toggle the “One-Way Rentals” drop down menu to “Yes” and you’ll be shown a selection of vans whose owners are open to considering one-way requests.

Please note that all one-ways require van owner approval, so even if it looks like you’ve booked a one-way, your trip is not confirmed until we have reached out to the van owner and confirmed their ability to accommodate the request. Requests must be made at least 30 days in advance and the reservation needs to be a minimum of five nights.

In addition to the cost of the rental itself, you will pay a recovery fee to cover expenses associated with retrieving the van and getting it back to its home base. Costs incurred by the van owner when recovering the van include things like airfare, fuel, Lyfts or Ubers, and lodging. Recovery costs start at $500 and vary depending on where you start and end your trip.

Current fee estimates for popular pick up and drop off locations:

Portland / San Francisco: $1,075

Portland / Los Angeles: $1,325

Portland / San Diego: $1,450

San Francisco / Los Angeles: $750

San Francisco / San Diego: $900

Seattle / Portland: $500

Seattle / San Francisco: $1,120

Seattle / Salt Lake City: $1,190

Seattle / Los Angeles: $1,475

Seattle / San Diego: $1,610

Denver / Salt Lake City: $910

We cannot accommodate cross-country one-way requests. It is also very difficult to accommodate requests for one-way trips that end where there is no major airport.

Need help booking a one-way trip? Send us a chat or reach out to us via email at to discuss your trip, and we’ll be happy to help you find the right van.

Stops Along the Way

Now, what about your itinerary and all those stops along the way? See our Insider Tips page for route suggestions and campground tips.