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Storyteller Stealth MODE on road at sunset

Storyteller Overland MODE: Sharing MODElife

Expanding the Mode Family

“Storyteller has always said it’s not about the journey or the destination… it’s the people you connect with all along the way that matter most! If you have any interest in renting out your LT, Classic, Beast or Stealth MODE, please know that GoCamp is a trusted resource for you. In fact, GoCamp is a key member of Storyteller's extended community. ”

Jeffrey Hunter, CEO, Storyteller Overland

Adventure For Everybody

Live Free. Explore Endlessly. Tell Better Stories. Storyteller Overland's motto comes alive in your van. Share that feeling of true adventure with others by renting out your MODE on the GoCamp website, and help grow the Storyteller family in the process.

The GoCamp fleet is curated, which means only high-quality vans can list on the website, most often by invitation. MODE owners are hereby invited! Listing is free and easy to do.

Rent to Potential MODE Owners

You have been hosting impromptu tours of your van at the gas station, in the supermarket parking lot and at the trailhead. Everywhere you go people want to take a peek inside. You know how much interest there is in the MODE!

Renting your van to these prospective new owners earns you some extra income, and allows them to make sure MODElife is the right fit. And if they end up buying their own MODE, you will have already made friends with another MODE owner.

Rent to Your Neighbors, Friends and Family

How many times have your friends asked to borrow your MODE!? Uhm, hello. Who wouldn't want to borrow your van!!??

Many GoCamp van owners use the platform to add a little structure when letting friends, family or neighbors use their van. With our custom discount codes you can rent your van at a greatly discounted price, but still take advantage of GoCamp's insurance to make sure your baby stays safe.

Make MODEMoney

Is your van living its best life? Or is it sitting in the driveway feeling depreciated?

If your van sits idle in the driveway from time to time, renting is a great way to help offset the cost of ownership. MODE vans will fetch top dollar and GoCamp offers the best rates out there. A week-long rental every so often could cover the monthly payment, or subsidize the cost of upgrades you'd like to make.

Block out the calendar when you want to use the van, and rent it out only when convenient. You're in the driver's seat.

Ready to turn your MODE into a money making asset?

For more information about renting out your MODE on the GoCamp website, head to List Your Van page. And if you'd prefer to talk it through with a real person first, don't hesitate to be in touch. We get it. We are van owners too. Our contact information is at the bottom of the page.