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Long Term Camper Van Rentals

Enjoy substantial discounts on long term camper van rentals with GoCamp. You can quickly book your favorite van on our website, or utilize our five-star customer experience team to help you select the perfect van for your trip.

Long term camper van rentals allow you to truly experience vanlife without making a full-time commitment to purchasing a van with monthly payments and storage costs when not in use. Not to mention, you’ll avoid maintenance costs, registration fees, and many other costs associated with ownership.

With GoCamp, you’ll enjoy browsing our curated fleet, as you select the van that represents your unique style and long term camping needs. You’ll also get to choose from various add-ons to enhance your trip for a nominal cost.

Long term renting has never looked so good!

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Why long term camper van rentals with GoCamp?

  • Flexibility: Camper vans are a great alternative to traditional hotels. Instead of constantly booking hotels throughout your road trip, a camper van offers the freedom and flexibility to travel at your own pace, without worrying about the cost, frustration or timing of a place to stay. This means you have more options for planning your days, complete flexibility in your driving/sleep schedule, and all the comforts of home, making the trip convenient and stress-free.
  • Hop In and Go: GoCamp camper vans are fully outfitted with your living essentials, including bedding, towels, cookware, utensils, camp chairs, and much more. All you need to bring are clothes and groceries. It’s that easy!
  • Savings: GoCamp offers many ways to save with long term camper van rentals. Standard discounts are provided, and often increased by owners. We communicate with owners directly to ensure you get the best discount for your trip.
  • Experience: With five-star customer service from dedicated professionals and outstanding owners, we deliver an excellent experience to our renters. We ensure you are equipped with proper van knowledge for easy driving and operation, help if you encounter an accident or mechanical problem, and insider tips on the best places to visit. You can rest at ease, because we’re here before, during and after your long term camper van rental.
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Considerations for Long Term Camper Van Rentals

Vehicle Maintenance

For longer trips, renters may need to get the van serviced (e.g. oil change, tire rotation, etc.). The owner will provide all the necessary details such as the type of service required and the number of miles at which it should be done. Renters are usually expected to pay for necessary services during their trips and will be reimbursed by the owner when the trip ends.


Calculate your route and estimated mileage ahead of time. Excess mileage fees can be anywhere from $0.35-$1/mile. GoCamp rentals include 125 miles per night. This is cumulative, so for example, if you are renting for 60 nights, you’d have 7,500 miles included (60 x 125). While this allotment is usually enough for most renters, we recommend you calculate your mileage in advance to ensure you know the full cost of the trip upfront. You can often negotiate mileage with the van owner if you know you’ll need more miles than the standard allowance.


GoCamp rentals include primary insurance coverage, which means you’re protected during your trip. You don’t have to purchase a separate policy or worry about getting or changing your personal policy to cover an RV.

Roadside Assistance

Optional in many cases, but highly recommended. Roadside assistance provides 24/7 service, so you have help day and night.

For more information on preparing for your road trip, check out our tips.

Save Money

GoCamp offers a standard discount of 20% for all trips longer than 30 days. Keep in mind that owners usually offer lower nightly rates or additional discounts for long term camper van rentals. Contact us to get detailed discounts on any van in our fleet!

Long term camper van rentals are great for everyone!

  • Remote Workers/Digital Nomads: You can do your work as the sun rises over the desert canyons, as the waves splash onto the shore, or as the sun sets behind the mountains. Camper vans are easy to drive and maneuver, so your office can be anywhere.
  • Potential Camper Van Buyers: If you’re thinking about purchasing a camper van, and want a thorough experience trying and testing it in action, renting long term is a great option. Rather than just a quick walk-through with a dealer or at an RV show, with a long term camper van rental, you can experience every part of the camper van for weeks or months at a time. This will give you insight on ease of use, driving capabilities, features, components, maintenance, etc.
  • Homeschooling: Renting a camper van is great for active homeschooling. The Wonder Year book explains it best, “… a long term family trip and using the world as a classroom for your kids – a trailblazing approach known as worldschooling.” There is nothing better or more memorable than learning in a live environment.
  • Extended Summer Vacations: If you’re a teacher,  professor, seasonal worker, or just have a flexible schedule, renting a camper van for the summer is a great way to enjoy the break! Cross-country trips are wildly popular, and provide the chance to connect with different types of nature as you traverse through the U.S.
  • International Travelers: This is the perfect way to visit and experience the U.S. Many of our vans offer one-way rentals as well, so you can combine a long term trip with a one-way rental. 

Your camper van rental is just a few clicks away. Let’s get started!