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Owner Perks

GoCamp Owner Perks Program

GoCamp partners with the best brands in the industry to bring you VIP discounts

When you rent your van on GoCamp you can access exclusive discounts and offers from top outdoor brands and gear manufacturers. Some of our partners include Aluminess, Flarespace, MoonShade, and more.

Whether you’re building a new van or want to spruce up your current rig, we’ve got you covered with VIP discounts at some of the best brands in the industry. Scroll down to check out the current list of exclusive offers available to our van owners.

GoCamp owner discounts change throughout the year and this list will continue to grow. You’ll want to check this page often to get the most out of your GoCamp experience.


Enjoy your coffee anywhere. AeroPress coffee makers are simple and easy to use. They consistently brew better tasting coffee and espresso drinks. With Aeropress you get an espresso maker, a drip coffee maker, and a French press all rolled into one.

GoCamp van owners enjoy a 10% discount on Aeropress products.


Aluminess designs and manufactures all-aluminum winch bumpers, roof racks, ladders, rear bumpers, nerf bars, and off-road accessories for camper vans and overlanding rigs.

Based in Santee, California, Aluminess is the original pioneer of aluminum aftermarket products built in the United States. They create products for all types of vehicles including Sprinters, Ford Transits, Chevy vans and more.

GoCamp van owners enjoy a 10% discount on Aluminess products.


If you love specialty coffee, you will love BruTrek's line of travel presses and drinkware. Double-walled insulated, vacuum-sealed BruTrek presses are enhanced by Bru-Stop technology. Bru-Stop provides a rich tasting brew by preventing over-extraction or leaving grounds in your cup. These products are perfect for adventurers and anyone who needs a compact coffee system in their van.

GoCamp owners get a one-time 25% off coupon.

Camper Van Appraisals

Do you need to determine the fair market value of your van for insurance purposes or in preparation to sell? Camper Van Appraisals is BOCAA (Bureau of Certified Auto Appraisers) Certified and their appraisals meet all standards required by the USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice). Appraisals are done remotely and are accepted by insurance agents, lawyers, and financial institutions. Reach out to Stacie today, because your van is worth a lot more than the chassis!

GoCamp owners enjoy a 5% discount on Camper Van Appraisals.


From s'mores skewers to camping charcuterie, and headlamps to steak knives, the CampIt is the only fully assembled outdoor recreation and adventure box! Saving you time, money and space, the curated kit is lighter than your mother's purse (only 23 pounds!) and holds over 40 pieces of reusable, bespoke gear. So get rid of your plastic bins and single-use products, stop stealing from your kitchen or garage, and minimize the prep needed to get outside.

Small box, big adventures.

The CampIt.

GoCamp owners enjoy 20% off CampIt products.

Canyon Adventure Vans

Canyon Adventure Vans specializes in innovative modular systems and custom fit mobile interiors for the Winnebago Revel, Jayco Terrain, Entegra Launch and Storyteller Overland MODE. They also have a complete line of luxury accessories and soft goods to enhance your travels. From relaxing at the campsite, to adventuring in the great outdoors, Canyon Adventure Vans' primary objective is giving you a comfortable and luxurious experience in your van.

GoCamp van owners enjoy a 10% discount on Canyon Adventure Van products.

Epic Off-Grid

How do you get reliable internet while off-grid? Epic Off-Grid has taken the guesswork out of vanlife WiFi. They provide LTE/5G routers that are suited to your vehicle and will last for many years. Micah, the owner, also offers guidance on carriers and various plans so you can find the best internet option for your van.

GoCamp van owners enjoy a 10% discount on Epic Off-Grid products.


Flarespace ensures that you perfectly build, but never overbuild, your camper van. Their "flares" extend the rear width of your van so you can sleep sideways, creating more space to build the perfect camper van. Flarespace offers wall panel kits, bedding systems, and custom bedding that work in all types of van models, including Sprinters, Ford Transits and ProMasters.

GoCamp van owners enjoy a 5% discount on Flarespace products.

The Geyser System

Take a hot shower plus clean your gear and dishes with less than one gallon of water. The Geyser is the ideal cleaning companion for all your outdoor adventures, whether that's a cross country road trip or a visit to the dog park. Never ride home dirty again. The Geyser System's compact design makes the most of every drop of water and is the perfect size for any vehicle. Setup is quick and easy. There is no pressurizing, no bulky water storage, and no hassle. Each Geyser is 100% built to last in Montrose, Colorado.

GoCamp van owners enjoy an $80 discount and free shipping on either Geyser model.

Guzzle H2O

Water anxiety is real when adventuring in a camper van. How many gallons of water do we have left? Where will we get more water? Does this water taste ok? Guzzle H2O eliminates any stress around drinking water with a high-tech spin on proven technology for delicious and safe drinking water. Using LED-UV and carbon block filtration, Guzzle H2O products unlock the ability to use your onboard tanks for drinking water and fill up from lakes and rivers so you never run out.

GoCamp van owners enjoy a 10% discount on Guzzle H2O products.

Happier Camper

Happier Camper’s signature Adaptiv® system has been reimagined to outfit Sprinter® 144 and 170 van interiors. The kits start under $10k, can be installed in an afternoon, and are easily removable. Because no two adventures are the same, the Adaptiv modular system allows you the flexibility of reconfiguring your space on the fly.

GoCamp van owners enjoy an 8% discount on Happier Camper van conversion kits.

Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube handles everything that your van needs under one roof. They service oil changes, batteries, brakes, engines, suspension, tires, and more. They have over 2,000 locations across the U.S.

GoCamp owners receive 10% off most services at all Jiffy Lube locations.

Joule Adventures

Need some support with your camper van’s electrical system? Joule Adventures is a certified off-grid electrical installer. Their team specializes in installing and upfitting electrical systems for safety and sustainability on the road. Joule Adventures offers remote video consulting and troubleshooting, electrical upgrades, and full electrical installs.

GoCamp van owners enjoy $50 off their first remote video consultation and $200 off electrical installation and upgrades from Joule Adventures.


Luno believes in freedom and comfort on four wheels. Their lineup of outdoor products redefines comfort and convenience in the outdoors. Luno air mattresses turn any vehicle into a comfortable and convenient sleeping spot within minutes. Now the little ones or furry friends are no longer left to sleep on the floor of your van.

GoCamp van owners enjoy $20 off their first order of $100+ on Luno products.


MoonShade designs simple tools that make outdoor experiences more accessible and enjoyable. MoonShade is a portable vehicle awning that offers reliable coverage, day or night, to your outdoor site. MoonShade provides 9 feet by 7 feet coverage but packs down tight and weighs only 8 pounds, making breakdown and storage a breeze. Plus, it's versatile and works on almost any vehicle and in a wide variety of environments.

GoCamp van owners enjoy a 10% discount on MoonShade products.

Orion Van Gear

Founded by two van owners, Steve and Matt, Orion Van Gear brings high-quality American-made roof racks, ladders, and accessories to the van market. They make adjustable low-profile roof racks for ProMasters and Sprinters. They are quickly developing new products for major van makes/models, including low roof ProMasters, the Solis Pocket, and 144 and 177 Mercedes-Benz Sprinters. Made in Oregon, Orion Van Gear provides world-class support and service. Every order contains a handwritten note, ships free to anywhere in the lower 48 states, and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

GoCamp van owners enjoy an 11% discount on Orion Van Gear products.


Born and tested from adventures in the great Pacific NW, RoamRest knows the “best rest." Whether you're tired from long adventurous hours driving on the road or wandering the great outdoors, sleep is paramount. Since 1996 RoamRest has been giving outdoor enthusiasts the quality rest they need to safely focus on doing what they love doing best—adventuring on and off road. This premium mattress features high-performance low profile foam layering designs for limited van space, and durable/washable covers.

GoCamp van owners enjoy a 5% discount and free shipping on RoamRest mattresses.


Roofnest believes escaping from your daily routine and immersing yourself in nature refreshes, relaxes, and reminds you of what’s most important. Their mission is to make camping accessible, convenient, and comfortable for outdoor explorers of every experience level. Adding a roof top tent to your van can expand the sleeping capacity and offer renters a different camping experience. Roofnest's hard shell roof top tents are easy to use and install. Plus they look cool.

GoCamp van owners enjoy $250 off Roofnest tents.

Solid Coffee Roasters

The folks at Solid Coffee Roasters believe that enjoying good coffee should be easier for adventure enthusiasts. That’s why they've created single-serve coffee t-bags. All you need is hot water and your favorite mug to enjoy specialty-grade coffee on the go, without the mess. Each pack is double nitrogen flushed so they stay fresh as the day they were ground. Simplify your setup and stock your van with premium coffee for your next adventure.

GoCamp van owners enjoy an 10% discount on Solid Coffee products.

Storyteller Overland

Live Free. Explore Endlessly. Tell Better Stories. Storyteller Overland's motto comes alive in your van. Share that feeling of true adventure with others by renting out your MODE on the GoCamp website, and help grow the Storyteller family in the process.

Rent out your MODE on GoCamp and receive dealer pricing on all parts and accessories ordered through the Storyteller Overland website.


The hardest part about building out a van is knowing where to start. Not all of us are budding carpenters. The good news is that VanLab's unique DIY van conversion kits are flat-packed and designed to be assembled in a similar way to IKEA furniture, but with instructions created by their expert team of designers and engineers.

GoCamp van owners enjoy FREE shipping on VanLab kits ($250-500 value).

Zero Breeze

Enjoy AC without a generator. This fast-cooling air conditioner is ideal for #vanlife. The Zero Breeze Mark 2 is designed to be small and portable, making it the perfect addition to your camper van. It comes with its own battery, so you don't have to worry about modifying your van's electrical system. The 840Wh lithium-ion battery provides four to six hours use. It also can be used in 110v or 12V power supply with an adaptor.

GoCamp van owners enjoy an 10% discount on Zero Breeze products.

Owners Love Perks

“One of the best parts about renting out my van on GoCamp is I can invest in the van and make upgrades. ”

Eric S, Owner of the van called RJ

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