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A porsche, a sprinter and a Eurovan all go camping together in Oregon

Learn More About Different Types of Vans

Our vans are as unique and fun as the memories you’ll make in them.

When you rent a camper van from us you aren’t choosing between Generic Cookie Cutter Van #1 and Generic Cookie Cutter Van #2. Also, you’ll never see a logo emblazoned on the side of our vans screaming “tourist alert.”

Because GoCamp camper vans are all owned by individuals, each vehicle is unique. Each van is also lovingly maintained by its owner, and all owners meet strict maintenance and safety requirements before listing their vans on the GoCamp website. We rent nimble camper vans that are fun to drive and easy to park.

From old school Volkswagen Vanagons and Eurovans to newer Mercedes-Benz or Dodge Sprinters, Ford Transits, Ram ProMasters, Sportsmobile and specialty conversion vans, Nissans, Delicas and rooftop tents, you have lots of great choices for your next road trip.

Pick One and Start vanning your Playcation 😉

At GoCamp no two vans are alike. You just have to pick one! And there isn’t a bad choice in the bunch.

White Mercedes-Benz sprinter van parked on a hillside.


Sprinters are all the rage right now. We have DIY vans whose owners have spent countless weekends painstakingly building each feature, vans custom designed by the hottest builders such as Overland Van Project and Outside Van, and Sprinters outfitted by industry leaders such as Storyteller Overland MODE 4x4 vans.

People who rent our Sprinters say:
"I am thinking of buying one, so figured I should rent a Sprinter first to try it out."
"I want a more modern vehicle, and all the creature comforts I can get!"
"I wanted to be able to stand up inside the whole van."

Couple sitting around fire pit outside pop top camper van


Easy to drive, the Eurovan is considered car-like with its cruise control, power windows, power locks, rack-and-pinion steering, and independent suspension. In the summer, the A/C provides welcome relief, and in many of our vans, winter camping is made possible by a propane furnace that keeps you toasty and warm.

People who rent our Eurovans say:
"I wanted cruise control and the ability to go 70-75 mph on the highway."
"I love the pop top but wanted something a little newer than the Vanagons."
"I've got a family of four so this seemed perfect; it's a lot like my mini van!"

Volkswagen Vanagon Camper next to a river with its blue pop top.


Described as “the last of a now dead breed: rear engine, rear wheel drive, sit-over-the-front-wheels, lean-over-the-steering-wheel-listening-to-groovy-tunes kinda rig.” On the road you’ll be greeted by other Westy drivers with a cool head nod, maybe a slight raise of the index finger. Nod back; you got this.

People who rent our Vanagons say:
"I have always wanted one of these, or, I had one of these growing up!"
"I'm totally comfortable driving stick shift and I don't mind going slow."
"These vans are the coolest; they sure don't make them like they used to."

Sunlight reflects off top of a white Ford Transit conversion campervan parked in the desert

Ford Vans

Ford Econoline, or E series, vehicles make for great camper vans. Sportsmobile is often associated with Ford vans, with Sportsmobile outfitters building the interior cabinetry and camping components that turn a regular van into a camper van. We've also got lots of Ford Transit vans, like the one above, on the site!

People who rent our Ford vans say:
"I've always been curious about the Sportsmobile conversion."
"I love the headroom in these."
"That "Built Ford Tough" commercial has always stuck in my mind; I love the reliability of a Ford van."

Toyota Hiace van in evergreen forest

Specialty Vans

From Mitsubishi Delicas with the steering wheel on the right-hand side, to Honda Elements outfitted with tents on top, to custom Nissan conversion vans, we have several options that defy easy categorization. But they do all have one thing in common: these rigs are sweet and sure to turn heads or start conversations.

People who rent our Specialty vans say:
"The right-hand drive was easy to get the hang of."
"The price on these specialty vans can't be beat!"
"I feel like I'm in the stars when I sleep in the rooftop tent."


One of the great things about the ProMaster is that the walls are more square than Sprinters. For those doing their own conversions, this makes it easier to build things inside. The ProMaster is also the widest of all the cargo vans so if you're planning on sleeping side to side, the ProMaster is a great option.

People who rent our ProMasters say:
"I am thinking of doing my own van conversion so wanted to try one out first."
"I just like the boxy, blocky look of the ProMaster."
"I wanted front wheel drive."