Two people sit in chairs outside a camper van, wearing masks and raising their tea cups to each other.

Driveway Holiday

If you are able to stay at home over the holidays this year, please do. But if you need to travel, rent a camper van. Your guest room can pull right up in the driveway for a safe and socially distant holiday.

Dog looking out the window to a camper van parked on the street

Be Cheerfully Self-Contained

When you rent a camper van through GoCamp you’ll have everything you need to take the driveway holiday show on the road, including bedding for snuggling up inside, chairs for sitting outside, and kitchen essentials to prepare your own meals. Your camper van may even include a toilet for the ultimate in self-containment, but if you need to go inside the house just remember to mask up, wash up, and sanitize after.

Van Life Gets Lit

Twinkle lights are an easy way to create a fun and festive scene with your camper van. We love the 30′ strands from Revel Gear because they’re USB powered and long enough to light up both inside and outside spaces. String them up between the camper van and the house for a more connected feeling. FYI, the neighbors might think you’re opening up a charming sidewalk cafe!

View from the door of a camper van looking out at a dog and camp chairs and a friend's home

Sip Separately, Share Safely

There are so many ways to make memories together that don’t require being indoors. Take an urban walk and check out the holiday lights, decorate an outside tree, make a wreath for the front door (or bumper!), or pull up a chair near an outside campfire and sip on a warm beverage while swapping stories at a safe distance. You can even bundle up in all the cozy layers, pull out the projector, and watch a holiday movie outside! There’s so much to share, and so many ways to care. And nothing says “I care for you” more than being mindful of each other’s health and safety this holiday season. We wish you and yours a very merry, healthy holiday!

Friend's celebrating pandemic Christmas outside of a camper van rental