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Five Reasons to Rent a MODE 4×4

One of the hottest new vans to hit the market, GoCamp offers the largest selection of Storyteller Overland MODE 4×4 and MODE LT vans than any other peer-to-peer marketplace. If you rent a Storyteller Overland MODE 4×4 camper van, you can, as is Storyteller’s motto, “Live free. Explore endlessly. Tell better stories.”

So if you’re looking to experience #vanlife, chances are that motto resonates. So rent a Storyteller Overland MODE 4×4 camper van, and you will definitely tell better stories.

MODE 4×4 adventure vans have thoughtful, intuitive design. And Storyteller Overland uses only the highest-quality materials and has developed a reputation for expert craftsmanship. When you get behind the wheel in one of these rigs, you’ll effortlessly shift into vacation mode. Or adventure mode. Or chill mode. So rent a MODE 4×4 camper van and it will deliver. It’s really up to you to figure out which mode you want to be in, literally and figuratively.

Whether you’re traversing the Northwest or headed to the beach in Florida, do it with comfort and retro style. Our fleet of Storyteller Overland MODE 4×4 camper vans all have the amenities you crave while living life on four wheels.

If you need more convincing, check out the five reasons you should rent a Storyteller Overland MODE 4×4 adventure van below.

Reason 1: Their Retro Look is Picture Perfect

Tap into your inner photographer when you travel in a Storyteller Overland MODE 4x4 camper van. No matter your destination, you’ll get there in groovy, retro style that you’ll want to document at every stop.

The Seattle-based van called Serenity is truly out of this world with its 70s-inspired exterior paint job and stylish, simple interior design. But don’t be fooled—this modish Storyteller Overland Beast MODE 4x4 camper van is rugged and ready to take you anywhere your wandering heart desires.

After you pick it up in Seattle, we suggest heading toward the rainforest in Olympic National Park, or head west toward the Cascades for some stellar photo ops. This van is truly perfect for a romantic getaway or trip with your best friends.

Reason 2: MODEs are Loaded with Modern Amenities and Tech

Every adventure is turbo-charged when you’re traveling in a Storyteller Overland MODE 4x4 camper van. These rigs offer the latest in camper van technology, transforming even the most remote trips into revolutionary outdoor experiences.

Whether you’re navigating the busy city or less crowded roads on the way to the mountains, MODEs like Free Bird, in Denver, come equipped with an MBUX multimedia touchscreen system. You’ll have immediate access to intelligent navigation, traffic active lane keeping, brake blind spot, and distance assist.

Plus, if you ever find yourself having to work while traveling, you can transform the camper van into a mobile office. Powered by an M-power 12kWh energy storage system and two 45W solar panels, you can knock out an entire day’s worth of work and still have energy to spare.

Reason 3: You Want to Try Before You Buy

These vans are so sought after and in demand that the dealerships often don't even have a floor model to show you. Not to worry. You can rent a wide variety of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter MODE 4x4 vans, including the Classic, Stealth, and Beast models, and the Ford Transit LT on GoCamp.

Getting behind the wheel will give you a great sense of how the MODE handles on and off the road and what it feels like (heaven) on the inside.

But owning a MODE isn't just about the van. It is also about the community of fellow MODE owners that you'll meet along the way. And by renting a MODE directly from its owner, you'll have a chance to get your questions answered by someone who really knows the van inside and out. Meet the owner of Melodious when you pick up this Classic MODE in Santa Cruz.

Reason 4: Travel in Complete Comfort While Camping

When you rent a Storyteller Overland MODE 4x4 camper van, every element of your trip is designed to deliver total tranquility. These are the quietest vans out there. There will be no cabinet rattling to drive you crazy!

And nothing beats laying your head down on the Dreamweaver bed system or chilling with friends in the Groove Lounge. The bed is comfy. The lounge makes you want to linger.

One of many additional features that sets MODEs apart is the on-board AC. Now even the hottest summer days will feel like a breeze thanks to the cool atmosphere these AC systems create.

And with the HALO Hidden Shower system, cleaning up after a long day on the trails is super easy. No more going to bed feeling grimy and dirty. And if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can opt for the optional outdoor shower instead!

Reason 5: Bring the Whole Crew with You

Storyteller Overland MODE 4x4 vans make getting up close and personal with the great outdoors as carefree as possible. That’s why they’re the best camper vans for road tripping with the entire family.

All MODEs are designed for families who are ready for adventure. Pack up everyone’s gear, essential outdoor toys, and head to your new favorite campground with no worries about fitting everything (and everyone) in.

You’ll also appreciate the versatility of the shared space—gather around the swing-arm dinette table for a family meal or card game.

Best of all, when night falls, you’ll all sleep peacefully. Thanks to high-density foam beds and seats that convert into cozy sleeping spaces, everyone can rest and fully recharge for a new day of exploring and playing.

Rent Your Storyteller Overland Camper Van Today!

No matter where the road takes you, you’ll never forget your experience in a MODE 4×4 or MODE LT camper van. Especially since each one has a magic ability to turn you into a storyteller. And you’ll be talking about the van and your vacation in it long after your trip is over! Browse all the MODE vans on GoCamp now.