Check out the 2022 End of Year Camper Van Review

All great road trips involve checking out what’s in the rearview mirror and looking at the wide open road ahead. We do the same thing at GoCamp to measure our success, explore new opportunities, and plan for the future to ensure that we continue to provide a five-star experience to renters and van owners alike. 

In 2022 the GoCamp fleet tripled in size, growing from 115 to 300 of the best camper vans in the rental marketplace today. The top three markets were Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland, and we also saw significant growth in our other 45 locations, located throughout 19 states. GoCamp reservations increased by almost 42%, while the industry standard was closer to 30%. Once again, overall average trip length and reservation value increased year-over-year.

2022 GoCamp Van Owner Awards

Nearly 600 five-star reviews can’t be wrong. GoCamp owners are the most friendly, helpful and dedicated people in the rental business! While all of our owners are award-worthy, each year we enjoy recognizing owners who had exceptional years. Without further ado, here are the 2022 GoCamp Van Owner Award winners!

Highest Earner
Serenity, Seattle, WA: $61,172
Runner Ups: Stargazer, The War Rig, SeaYa

Serenity’s owners’ hard work continues to pay off with a full calendar of happy renters. They earn their success through the high quality, personal experience they provide to every renter, and that effort pays off in earnings and five-star reviews.

  • This Storyteller Overland Beast MODE camper van earned over $61,000 in 2022 renting on GoCamp.
  • This Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper van was rented 26 times on GoCamp in 2022.
  • SeaYa, a Ford Transit camper van, earned $21,000 on a single rental on GoCamp.
  • SeaYa, a Ford Transit camper van, got a 70-night rental on GoCamp in 2022.
  • Six percent of GoCamp camper van owners made over $30,000 renting their vans in 2022.
  • This Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper van earned $131,000 renting through GoCamp.
  • This Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper van rents out of San Francisco on GoCamp.
  • Miles, a Winnebago Solis 59PX, got rented five times in the first month it was on GoCamp.
  • Turbo, a ProMaster camper van, earned 20 five star reviews on GoCamp in 2022.
  • Manny the Vanny Ford Transit camper van boasts an absolutely stunning and functional interior.
  • This Winnebago Solis rents out of St. Petersbug, FL on GoCamp.
  • Mt. Hood, a Volkswagen Vanagon, has been renting on GoCamp for six years.
  • This Volkwagen Eurovan has been renting on GoCamp for six years.
  • Tumalo, a Volkswagen Vanagon, has been renting on GoCamp for five years.
  • The owner of Sparkles, a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, has been renting her van on GoCamp for five years.
  • Storyteller Overland, owner of GoCamp, supports the company's mission and owners.

Most Reservations
Van’essa, Portland, OR: 26
Runner Ups: The War Rig (22), Serenity (21), Sonoran Sunrise (20), Turbo (19)

Jason, owner of Van’essa, is one of our longest-running owners in Portland. Last year he took home several awards. In 2022 he continued his winning streak by renting out Van’essa 26 times!

Highest Dollar Value Reservation
SeaYa, Orange County, CA: $21,793

Both SeaYa and the second place van, Maximus, broke last year’s highest dollar reservation record of $15,000. As reservation value continues to increase, we’re anticipating that 2023 will be another record-breaking year.

Longest Rental
SeaYa, Orange County, CA: 70 nights

One renter enjoyed a two-month adventure in this custom built Ford Transit! Average trip length increased again in 2022 and we’re regularly seeing renters book vans for several weeks at a time.

Top Market Earners
SeaYa, Orange County, CA
Serenity, Seattle, WA
Sonoran Sunrise, Phoenix, AZ
Van Ness, San Francisco, CA
TyVANnosaurus Rex, Salt Lake City, UT
Gualala, Portland, OR

Variety is the spice of vanlife. Our top market earners include Ford Transits, Dodge and Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, a Storyteller Beast MODE, and a Ram ProMaster. In 2022 six percent of GoCamp owners earned over $30,000.

Lifetime Achievement
Walnut Express, Portland, OR: $131,263

Walnut Express took home this award for the second year in a row, but the van named Serenity isn’t far behind with lifetime earnings of $126,000! For van owners who started listing their vans several years ago, year-over-year returns have been steadily increasing.

The Phoenix
Sparkles, San Francisco, CA

While 95% of GoCamp reservations go off without a hitch, incidents do happen. Luckily when things don’t go as planned, the GoCamp team is right there beside our van owners, helping get their vans back on the road as soon as possible. GoCamp is also the only rental service that offers loss of use coverage.

Rookie of the Year
Miles, Portland, OR

Miles hit the ground running with five reservations in the van’s first month with GoCamp. Mason, Miles’ owner, was ready for action, writing thorough directions for his Road Trip Ready Guide, getting his kids to pose for great listing photos, and offering unique add-ons like customized photography trip itineraries. Based on the van’s numerous five-star reviews, Miles will be getting lots of repeat renters and is looking at another profitable year.

Most Five-Star Reviews
Turbo, Portland, OR

Renters love GoCamp’s high quality vans, but they also appreciate getting to work with our amazing owners! Turbo’s owner, Peter, gets to know his renters and provides them with all the information they need to have a great experience in Turbo. He’s also exceedingly kind and communicative, and is constantly making improvements based on renter feedback.

Most Instagrammable
Manny the Vanny, San Diego, CA

What makes a van “Most Instagrammable”? Manny the Vanny boasts an absolutely stunning and functional interior, and van owner Meagan offers thoughtful add-ons that are perfect for the travel destinations in her market. What else makes Manny a win for the gram? The van is festival friendly, competitively priced and is ready to book!

Up and Comer
Cherry, St. Petersburg, FL

Cherry started her rental journey with a bang, earning six five-star reviews shortly after coming on board with GoCamp this past summer. Cherry gets the “Up and Comer” award because GoCamp recently expanded into Florida, and Cherry is exactly the kind of van that families are looking for to make lasting memories in and around the Sunshine State.

Most Supportive
Storyteller Overland

Since acquiring GoCamp in 2021, Storyteller has provided GoCamp unwavering support. The resources Storyteller Overland continues to invest in GoCamp as we expand nationally are a testament to their strong belief in what we do and how we do it.

2023: What’s Down the Road

Interested in turning your van into a money making asset? GoCamp helps van owners all over the US earn rental income on their camper vans when they would otherwise sit idle in the driveway. Send an email to or call 513-327-8512 to talk to a GoCamp counselor. We’d love to see you on the awards list next year!

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