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What is Included With Your GoCamp Rental

Just Hop In and Go

You’re ready to experience the freedom of vanlife, but you don’t want to spend serious cash on a camper van and all the gear. Or you love camping, but are tired of sleeping on the ground and want to leave the tent at home. Perhaps you want to try out different makes, models, and styles before buying a van of your own.

Or maybe it’s just that vanlife FOMO finally got the best of you.

No matter your reason, we’ve got you. With GoCamp camper van rentals, everything you need is included: bedding, dishware and cookware, camp chairs and more. Rent one of our fully outfitted camper vans and you’ll get to spend less time on the boring packing and more time on the fun stuff, like planning your adventure.

Everything you need is included

GoCamp vans are privately owned and meticulously maintained. You can just hop in and go! Everything you need is included—bedding, dishware and cookware, camp chairs and more. We've packed it all in so you can pack in the fun.


Plates, bowls, cups, silverware—all the dishware you need is already packed inside the van. The only thing left for you to do is set the table.


All the cookware you'd expect⁠—pots, pans, kettle, colander, cutting board, good sharp knives⁠—is included. Just stop for groceries on your way out of town.


Snuggle up in cozy comfort as every camper van includes bedding such as pillows, comforters and blankets. Towels are also provided. Don't forget to pack your PJs.


A small camp table, chairs, lanterns and other camping items are included. Just bring personal items, like that book you've been wanting to read.

You Pack the Extras and a Sense of Adventure

With the camping basics already covered, here’s what’s left for you to bring.


With the cookware and dishware covered, you just need to stop for groceries on your way out of town. All vans have coolers or refrigerators to keep your perishables cool.

Personal Items

We've thought of pretty much everything, except for that book you've been meaning to read. You'll also want your camera, sunglasses, and other personal items like your toothbrush.

Your Best Friend

Many GoCamp vans are pet friendly so you can bring Rover. And still others seat and sleep as many as four or five people so you can bring all your two-legged best friends as well.


Lots of van owners also offer optional add-ons to enhance your fun. Check the van's profile for add-ons offered by the owner, like stand up paddle boards, bike racks, portable grills, and more.

Get Road Trip Ready With GoCamp

Whether you’re exploring Zion’s cliffs and canyons or the crisp coast of San Francisco, we’ve got you covered. And we want you to only focus on the fun adventure ahead of you, and not the humdrum things like packing and worrying about leaving something behind.

While every camper van comes fully stocked with everything you need, each one has their own special qualities that make any trip truly one-of-a-kind. Start planning your next great outdoor adventure today.

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