Silver Winnebago Revel camper van rental in Eugene, Oregon

Solo Road Trip

You know who the very best travel companion is? You are! Hands down. You always have the best taste in music, and you know just when to pull over for a nap and when to keep going in search of adventure. Plus you always have the most perfect road trip snacks. Which is why you deserve a solo road trip in a GoCamp camper van! Time spent with Yours Truly, is truly time well spent.

Go Your Own Way

Laura picked up a Mercedes-Benz Revel in Eugene, Oregon, and set out to explore the semi-arid landscape of the eastern side of the state on a solo road trip. Her van, like so many GoCamp vans, was fully ready for off-grid good times no matter the weather. Eastern Oregon in early spring can mean sun, snow, and everything in between. So having a rig like a Revel to call home means also having peace of mind, and total comfort.

“A lot of greens and trees eventually turned to yellows and browns; a lot of dry flat land, but at least the blue sky was constant. This part of Oregon was all new to me. Farm land, flat land, dry land.”

Winnebago Revel camper van rental at a campsite at dusk

Soak it In

When there are hot springs in the desert that are only accessible to overnight camping guests and you just happen to have a home on wheels, what else do you do but park it, make camp, and head for the steamy water! Laura was delighted to find Summer Lake Hot Springs in Paisley, Oregon. This off-the-beaten path historic gem is far more than it what it appears at first glance, and you may find yourself staying longer than planned.

“There are three outdoor pools and one indoor pool that is currently drained. You wouldn’t know it from the outside of the tin shingled building, but it’s rather nice inside. I took that time to really soak in the day before and breathe in the crisp cold air. It’s a different kind of cold, enough to make you shiver but also feel alive. Instead of leaving Summer Lake Hot Springs, I decided to stay another night. I felt so at peace in my environment and I wasn’t ready to leave. A lot of the day was spent lounging, driving into the small town for some gas and exploring more of the grounds. It is breath taking.”

“No regrets here! I spent four lovely days getting to know myself better. Being able to be alone with myself. Trusting in myself. If anything, I encourage all of those who have had the thought to do a solo trip to pursue it! You get to define your adventure.” – Laura

Define Your Adventure

Laura nailed it. Getting out in a camper van for a few days, or longer, on your own means you get to define your adventure. Whatever you want it to be, one mile at a time, only your own internal compass to answer to as your guide. There will be bumps along the way, but there will also be wonders. And we know from experience that one of those things far outweighs the other when looking back in the rearview on your time spent on your solo road trip.

“I think I put a lot of pressure on myself to have an adventure similar to what people post on social media. I’m here to tell you it’s not all fun. I must of looked like a fool turning around in the road multiple times making up my mind. Finally, chose to go to Willow Creek in hopes that it wasn’t snowing and I could rest my eyes. I am thankful that I did! It turned out to be a beautiful evening, grateful for just going for it.” 

Camping spot near Eugene, Oregon, Willow Creek at sunset