A Storyteller Overland Beast MODE 4x4 drives through the hot, dry desert

Rent Two Camper Vans. Enjoy More Fun.

Want more out of van life? We have an idea or two …

One plus one may usually equal two, but when it comes to creating the camper van vacation of a lifetime, renting two camper vans equals way more than twice the fun. The math might not make sense. But the magic sure does.

Two To-Go From Portland

These two. You may be doing a double-take thinking that we just posted the same van twice, but nope! Pippa and Carmen are two gorgeous custom builds based in Portland, Oregon. They are similar, but not completely identical. This pair was built by Boho Camper Vans out of Arizona and either one of them would LOVE to accompany you on an adventure. But let’s say you want to have even MORE fun on an adventure… you could rent them both!

Where To, You Two?

Pick up Pippa and Carmen in Portland and explore the Pacific Northwest and beyond! Grab some groceries and bring the toys, and then flip a coin to see who gets to pick the first pit stop. Here are 5 Road Trip Destinations from Portland that would be perfect for circling the wagons with friends and family.

Two By The Sea in San Diego

¡Vamonos! Silvia and Blanca are two gorgeous custom camper vans built by the Vamonos Vans team in San Diego. Both are customized Ford E150s, which means these camper vans are fun and easy to drive, and totally outfitted for a caravan road trip out of SoCal! Both of these beauties have some shared availability in the coming months, which is rare and awesome. The biggest question might be: which one will be for you, and which one will be for your friend?

Cruisin’ Together

Head to Mammoth Lakes or Joshua Tree, cruise up Hwy 101 or just hang by the beach and surf your happy heart out for a few days with your besties. With easy pick-up in San Diego, Silvia and Blanca would be happy to take you and your crew just about anywhere. Check out these 5 Destinations out of San Diego for more trip inspiration.

See You Two In Seattle

When you double the fun with any two GoCamp vans you’re going to have an incredible time. Now when you double the fun with a MODE built by Storyteller Overland, you’re going to have an EPIC time. Hard facts. The Sally Ride and Serenity are two Mercedes-Benz MODE 4x4s out of Seattle. They’ll take you and your friends over the hills and through the woods, and they won’t let anything get in their way. If you’ve been considering buying a MODE of your own, a weekend trying out these two with your best crew will help you come to a conclusion.

Adventure Time, Times 2

You can bring all the toys with a MODE! Mountain biking, surfing, SUPing … choose your own adventure! Pick up The Sally Ride and Serenity in Seattle and you’ll have no shortage of options about where to go and what do to. Check out these 5 Destinations out of Seattle, and get ready for life a la MODE.

Rent Two Vans and Save

Ready to do defy the logic of math that says 1 + 1 = 2? We know it’s more than that. It’s more than double the fun AND there’s some subtraction in there, too. Share your experience with a friend and enjoy awesome discounts. Let us know when you’re booking and we’ll give you our best promotion!