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It’s Easy to Rent a Conversion Van with GoCamp

The allure of the open road has long captured the imaginations of wanderers, but there’s a new vehicle that’s revolutionizing the way we travel – the conversion camper van. In recent years, this mode of transport has become synonymous with freedom, stamped with the spirit of adventure and a sustainable ethos. Perfect for those seeking a bit of spontaneity or looking to immerse themselves in the great outdoors, conversion camper vans offer a unique travel experience. Join us as we hit the pavement and unpack the reasons why these living marvels are the wheels of choice for the modern explorer, and how GoCamp makes camping easy when you rent a conversion van.

rent a conversion van in Portland with Chica Van Gogh

What is a conversion van?

A conversion camper van, at its core, is a modified vehicle designed to serve both as a mode of transportation and as a compact living space. These vehicles are typically transformed from standard vans into comfortable, mobile homes equipped with amenities such as beds, kitchenettes, and sometimes even bathroom facilities. Ideal for adventurers and those who love road trips, conversion camper vans offer the freedom to explore without the constraints of hotel bookings, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in exploration and discovery.

Types of conversion vans

When researching conversion vans, you’ll notice there are many types. Below we’ve highlighted the most common conversion vans for camping, and for rent at GoCamp.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

DIY conversion vans are typically built by individuals or small businesses without professional certification. These vans are often customized to suit the owner’s specific needs and preferences. As such, most DIY conversion vans have unique characteristics and layouts, making for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Professional Build

Professional conversion vans are built by companies specializing in van conversions. These vans are professionally designed and built to meet industry standards for quality and safety. At GoCamp, we partner with many of these builders to bring you high quality conversion vans for your adventure. Builders include Fiarfax Off Grid Campers in San Francisco (Bonita, Octavia), Sandy Vans in San Diego (Matthew McConaVan) and many more.

RVIA Certified

RVIA-certified conversion vans are professional builds that have achieved an extra step of approval. They are built by manufacturers that are members of the RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association) and have undergone certification processes to meet specific quality and safety standards set by the association. These vans are often considered more reliable than non-certified vans and can often be purchased through dealerships, just like traditional RVs. Examples include Storyteller Overland and Noovo (Friday).

Octavia conversion can rental

Mobility and Flexibility

One of the most attractive features of conversion camper vans is their unmatched mobility and flexibility. Unlike traditional RVs, conversion vans are typically smaller and more agile, allowing travelers to access remote or hard-to-reach locations. With a conversion van, every whim to venture off the beaten path becomes a possibility. Its nimbleness provides the freedom to change plans on a whim, without being tied down by reservations or need for space.

When you rent a conversion van, you’ll be able to easily park (just like an SUV), and navigate through highways, as well as small country roads. This means your travel plans aren’t limited by size.

Cost-Effective Travel

In an era when the cost of travel can be prohibitively high, conversion van enthusiasts praise the virtues of a more cost-effective way to explore. By reducing dependency on hotels and expensive dining, the overall travel expenditure is reduced. Additionally, many rooftop tents and fold-out bed systems offer a cozy place to rest for free at approved stops, further cutting down on costs. Not to mention, fuel costs are usually decreased with conversion van rentals, as opposed to larger RVs that require more refills throughout your trip. And if you’re planning a long-term rental, this is a huge benefit.

Sustainable Living on the Go

The advocacy for sustainability is increasingly pushing travelers to more eco-friendly options, and conversion vans are a standout choice. Outfitting a van with solar panels, composting toilets, and water filtration systems enables road warriors to lessen their environmental footprint. Van Zandt offers overhead LED lights, a Bluetti power station, and 400W solar panels to ensure you always have clean energy. It’s a small living space, yes, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up modern conveniences.

rent a conversion van like Gualala

Customization Options

Each traveler brings their unique vision to life when customizing their conversion van. From the choice of materials used in the build to the gadgets that fuel the adventure, personal touches turn a standard van into a home. Customization doesn’t just stop at design; it’s also about tailored functions such as specialized storage spaces, kitchen setups, and sleeping arrangements.

The curated fleet at GoCamp provides a variety of van customizations. Like we mentioned earlier, it’s this uniqueness that ensures when you rent a conversion van, you always enjoy something new. Check out some of the great customized features:

  • Chica Van Gogh – Vast counter space with a smart farmhouse design.
  • Gualala – An inventive chalkboard backsplash with a live-edge walnut countertop.
  • Wendy – A true testament to stunning aesthetics, reminiscent of an HGTV professionally designed home. 

Space Optimization

The beauty of a conversion van is in its transformation. These vehicles are a masterclass in space optimization, with every nook and cranny dedicated to functionality. Foldable furniture, multi-purpose fixtures, and creative storage solutions mean that even in a compact space, there’s room for everything you need.

GoCamp conversion vans have it all:

  • Vans are often optimized with murphy beds that allow for more space or storage. 
  • For smaller vans, pull out kitchens save space while still providing functionality.
  • Need to sleep more? No problem. Some vans offer hanging cots so there’s always room for another adventure seeker.
  • Don’t forget about bunk beds, giving you even more sleeping flexibility in a conversion van.
  • And much more!

Off-Grid Capabilities

For those seeking true independence, conversion vans’ off-grid capabilities are the stuff of dreams. By incorporating renewable energy sources like solar power and using smart energy-efficient appliances, many conversions provide a self-sustaining environment that can keep you off-grid for extended periods. 

If you’re interested in continuing to work when you rent a conversion van, you’re in luck! Many GoCamp camper vans offer off-grid power so you never have to worry. For example, Pacific Blue: Ford Transit provides shore hook-ups allowing you to charge up at campsites, but also includes solar panels, batteries, an alternator, and an inverter for off-grid travel. Vans like The Starlink Portal feature high-speed internet to keep you connected no matter where you travel.

Target Audience Appeal

The appeal of conversion vans is as diverse as the people who choose them. To the free-spirited, they represent the ultimate escape from routine, while to the minimalist, they’re a lesson in life’s essentials. Importantly, for sustainable travelers, they’re a vision of recreational transport that minimizes the impact on the environment. And at GoCamp, conversion van rentals are a masterpiece of inspiration and innovation.

Rent a Conversion Van with GoCamp!

The call of the road beckons, and with the keys to a conversion camper van in your hand, you’re ready to answer. With unparalleled freedom, a sustainable outlook, and bespoke design, these vans offer more than just a mode of transport. They pave the way for a new kind of travel experience—one that is as much about the destination as it is about the journey. Whether you’re a seasoned wanderer or a newbie to the nomadic lifestyle, the appeal of the conversion van is undeniable. It’s an experience that promises adventure, independence, and a reconnection with nature that’s becoming rarer in the modern world. 

Grab your atlas, pack your passion for exploration, and consider the possibilities of hitting the road in a uniquely designed conversion camper van rental. The horizon is yours to claim and the journey starts with GoCamp. Find the perfect conversion van today!