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Tips for Great RV Photography

Ready to show the world your rig’s best side? When it comes to RV photography for marketing purposes, you’re going to want to show the world all your van’s sides: inside, outside, driver’s side, passenger’s side, upside, downside, and everything in between.

Quality RV photography will often be the hook that gets a renter to take a peek at your listing in greater detail. So you’ll want your photos to appeal, intrigue, and inform. Note that all GoCamp PRO owners get access to discounted professional photography.

But if you are about to take your own photos, consider the following tips.

RV Photography Do’s

Do Tidy Up

Clean up before taking photos.

Put everything in its place, exactly as it would be when a renter gets the keys from you. Also wipe down surfaces and generally make sure the van sparkles.

Do Take High-Res Images

Take photos with a camera or device that will deliver high resolution images.

Newer models of smartphones can be just as amazing as a DSLR, with a little know how and practice.

Do Pick a Scenic Location

Find a better location than your driveway for your photoshoot. You might think no one will notice, but they will.

Consider a campground, park, roadside vista, or somewhere out in nature. Use this opportunity to spark wanderlust.

Your renters will imagine themselves in the location of your photos, which is far more appealing than in the driveway.

Do Use Natural Light

Pay attention to lighting. And don't rely on a flash.

In fact, just stay away from using a flash. Wait until there is ample natural light, and enhance it with interior lighting or a light bounce if needed.

Night photos can be really fun, especially for showing off details like string lights under an awning, or a sunset out the back doors.

But unless you are skilled at lowlight photography, these shouldn’t be a priority.

Do Use the Right Lens

Use the right lens or smartphone camera for the space. RVs and camper vans have a relatively small footprint, which makes grabbing interior shots that capture the whole scene tricky.

Use a wide-angle lens for capturing more interior detail, and more light.

Do Capture the Space

Capture a mix of documentary and lifestyle imagery.

Show the seats and how they swivel. Open cupboards and take pictures of the beautifully organized pots and pans.

These are the photos that answer the questions that renters will have:

How does the bed fold out of the way? What kind of stove is there? Is there storage spaced big enough for a bike? How does the sleeping arrangement work?

Documentary style images inform. Lifestyle imagery intrigues and inspires by creating a sense of movement. If possible, show people using the space and living out their vanlife dreams.

The options here are limitless, and will really speak to the specialness of your rig in how you choose to highlight its lifestyle vibe.

Landscape view of beach and mountains

"I submitted photos of my van when I first signed up with GoCamp. But within weeks they updated my images with professional RV photography. The difference was night and day! Now my listing looks fantastic." -Emily C.

Don’t Over-Accessorize

Declutter your rig.

That little hula dancer on the dashboard? Adorable.

Twenty little hula dancers on the dashboard? Too much.

Don’t Over-Process RV Photography

Your final images should be true. Photo enhancements should be kept to a minimum so that your RV is shown in its true and accurate state.

Don’t Show Too Many Food Photos

Don’t take too many food photos. Be picky about food photos. Not everyone has the same taste.

Slicing an avocado, making a pot of coffee, dishing up steamy noodles are all pretty widely appealing and can show how your rig’s kitchen is well equipped to be gourmet.

Frying bacon? That doesn’t have the same broad appeal, and could actually be a turn off.

Don’t Include Rover as a Model

Don’t show pets on beds. Furry friends aren’t for everyone. We know your pup is super cute, but generally, having pets in photos that are designed for the actual rental listing can be a distraction and deterrent.

Find Success with these Best Practices for RV Owners

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