A father and son fish for surf perch along the Oregon coast.

Camper Vans and Fishing are a Perfect Match

Go Fishing with your camper van

First, you get to decide whether you want to fish at the ocean, along a stream, or by a lake. Your GoCamp camper van will take you to all three if you’d like! For inspiration on where to go with your GoCamp van, be sure to see our collection called “GoCamp Places.”

Once you’ve decided on your fishing spot, try to find a local willing to share advice on the best spots. For fishing advice, we didn’t look any further than Lyf Gildersleeve of Flying Fish Co.

They had success fishing for surf perch. They are easy to catch from California up to Washington. In fact, sometimes you’ll find surf perch only 6 feet from the sand where you are standing.

Turn that fish into dinner

After you’ve succeeded in landing the big one, it will be time to turn your attention to cooking your catch. You can easily turn that fish into dinner. Your van comes with everything you need.

Rent your van, rent your fishing gear too

If you aren’t a professional fishmonger with your own gear, worry not! You can rent fishing gear up and down the coast, and innumerable outfitters stand ready to help you land the big one.

All photos: Natalie Gildersleeve