How to Spend New Year’s Eve in a Camper Van

If “spend more time outside” is on your new year’s resolutions list, you could get started right at midnight by celebrating New Year’s Eve in a camper van. 

Over the years we’ve helped hundreds of people ring in the new year with a cozy and fully outfitted camper van rental. Take for example the trip Devin and Trianne took to the Painted Hills, considered one of the Seven Wonders of Oregon. Their layers of red, yellow, gold, brown and black represent millions of years of history. Given the way these hills mark time, Devin and Trianne rightly figured they would provide the perfect backdrop for celebrating the new year.

It can be such a serene time, and a lovely opportunity to get centered and grounded. Couples connect with each other away from the hustle and bustle, families enjoy quality time and create shared memories, and solo trips offer a chance for reflection.

Here are eight ways you might ring in the new year in a camper van.

Vintage VW Westfalia camper van rental on the side of the road

Sing Auld Lang Syne with Abandon

A Scottish poem that was later set to music, the phrase “auld lang syne” translates literally to “old long since.” It means something akin to “times gone by.” Most people probably don’t get past the first verse, but here’s the complete lyrics. When you sing this at camp, no one will know if you are off key, nor if you don’t make it too far in the song!

Kiss a Loved One

Camper van trips are best when shared with the special people in your life. And while you probably don’t need an excuse to kiss your loved one, when the clock strikes midnight you might as well plant a wet one on your sweetie for good luck. 

Our vans typically seat and sleep two-four people, and many GoCamp camper vans are pet friendly so you truly can bring the whole family. In fact, we know that on New Year’s Eve lots of dog owners look for options to get their pups out of the city and away from all the fireworks that typically go off. We’re happy to provide that refuge space for you and your furry friend.

Light Sparklers or Sparkles

While fireworks have long been a New Year’s Eve tradition, with the risk of fire, you probably don’t want to set off any fireworks in your campsite. You could however welcome 2023 by lighting sparklers in camp and/or by decorating your camp scene with some festive camping lights. As a last resort, turn your flashlight on and off for a similar effect! 

Vintage VW camper van rental driving down a misty road

Bang Pots and Pans

We know, we did just say that one of the great things about camping during New Year’s Eve is the peace and quiet you’ll enjoy. But for a few minutes as the calendar switches to 2023 you could make some noise by banging the pots and pans that come with your GoCamp camper van rental. Every GoCamp camper van comes with a complete kitchen, so you’ll have all the percussion instruments, and all the kitchen essentials, you’ll need.

Make a Toast

Pop the cork on that champagne or sparkling cider and raise a glass to the new year! After all, you have nowhere else you need to go because you brought the party with you and safely parked it! And if you’re camping where there’s snow, well then the party ice will be all around you. 

Dress Up

Goofy 2023 glasses. Sparkling pants or hats. Feather boas. That wig you’ve always wanted to wear?  Grab some goodies from the costume bag before heading out on your camper van trip. Camping in costumes is a thing, and never is that more true than on New Year’s Eve.

Eat Hoppin John

With those kitchen essentials, whip up a big pot of Hoppin John. The traditional New Year’s dish is usually comprised of black-eyed peas, rice, and pork, and is said to have originated in South Carolina back in the mid-1800s. Eat your Hoppin’ John on New Year’s Day with collard greens and cornbread, symbols of wealth and prosperity. A bowlful is meant to bring you good luck all year. And because everything tastes better when you are camping, maybe double down with a second helping just to be sure.

Leave 2022 Behind, Eyes on the Road to 2023

That campfire you’ve been tending? Before you put it out, write up a few of the things you’d like to leave behind in 2022. Toss those thoughts into the fire and let the past rest. Your opportunity now is to focus on the year ahead. As for those new year’s resolutions, we’re guessing being unplugged from the daily grind, blissed out on fresh air, should inspire a few good ones. 

Spending more time outside in 2023 is on the tip top of our list of new year’s resolutions. Also on yours? Check out our Outside Experiences coupon book. Gift it to a friend or loved one and it just might help you meet that new year’s resolution.

Rent a Camper Van for New Year's Eve

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