Woman kisses a woman after getting engaged on the Alvord Desert.

Get Engayged

Pop the Big Question While Renting a Camper Van

Editor’s Note: We absolutely love hearing from our renters about what they did and where they went in their GoCamp camper vans. And when renters use our vans for proposals, well, we REALLY love that. Ready to get engayged? Nothing says ‘Join me for a life of adventure’ like proposing in a rented camper van. Here’s Jamie Thrower and Risa Lichtman’s story as told to us by Jamie.

She said YES!

We rented the camper van called Trillium and went to the Alvord Desert because we wanted to have our own private “Burning Man” experience. We brought a box full of costumes and imagined hot sandy white desert as far as the eye could see.

Unfortunately, the weather had different plans for us. It ended up being crazy windy and a little stormy. Instead of camping on the actual playa, we stayed at the Alvord Hot Springs camping area. We made a great choice there! The landscape there is lovely and amazing. In addition, the hot springs are fantastic. One day we drove out to the playa to dress up in our costumes and have a little photoshoot. (I’m a professional photographer so I always document our trips really well.)

Will you …?

Risa set up her phone secretly to record. I thought we were taking a self timed photo. Instead, Risa got down on one knee and asked me to marry her. Next, in true magical fashion, a rainbow appeared right after I said yes! (Yes, seriously!).

It was such a fantastic trip. We are TOTALLY SOLD on #vanlife! Now we dream of the day we can get a camper van of our own! I took some photos of us right after we got engayged. We display our favorite photo on our dining room table at all times. 🙂 

Jamie (and Risa + Isaac the dog)

For more beautiful, romantic photos from Jamie, follow along at @StudioXIIIPhotography. We adore what Jamie calls her visual love letters to the #LGBTQ community.

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