Woman holds geocache.

Get Creative on Your Trip with Geocaching

GoCamp Goes Geocaching

Turn your next road trip into a treasure hunt with geocaching! There are over 3 million geocaches in the world, hidden containers or “caches” that contain tiny treasures and notes which participants seek and find using GPS. Chances are good that you’re surrounded by several geocaches right this moment! Chances are even better that once you climb aboard a GoCamp camper van, you’ll drive straight into the motherlode of geocaching adventures.

Geocaching is accessible to absolutely everyone, and is totally FREE. Here’s how to get started with geocaching.

A driver accesses a geocaching app on his i-phone while camping in a Volkswagen Eurovan camper.
STEP 1: Get the App

Create an account online or download the Geocaching app. You’ll need this to view a map of geocaches near you.

As you’re cruising along on your road trip make sure to pull over from time to time and check your maps, or have a designated navigator on board. Sometimes geocaches will turn up in the most seemingly remote places. Speaking of which, you can download maps for offline searching, too!

STEP 2: Start Searching

Now that you have an account and have the app, the treasure hunt can begin! There are coordinates and clues for each geocache. Find an area on your map that has a whole bunch of geocaches? Woo hoo! Put on your hiking shoes and go see how many you can uncover! You’ll find geocaches in urban areas, wilderness areas, along stretches of freeway … it really is the world’s largest treasure hunt!

A geocache is hidden in a field.
A hand reaching for a geocache found in a field in Oregon.
STEP 3: Found One? Sign In!

Geocache containers vary in size and shape, but every single one of them is designed to be sealed tightly so that the contents stay dry. Often there will be a waterproof bag inside too, so it’s important that you re-seal the container so that future hunters won’t find soggy treasure. When you find one, be sure to sign and date the logbook that’s inside. You can also record your experiences and findings on the app or online.

STEP 4: Leave Something Behind

If you remove a treasure from a geocache, replace it with something of equal value of your own that you brought along. Pins, stickers, keychains, or tiny toys are all fun finds.

Just think of the faces that will light up when they discover what you’ve left behind to be found! Collecting memories — and maybe some trinkets too — in a global game of seek and find!

A hand pulling a piece of paper out of a geocache container found in Oregon.

Letterboxing is a similar concept where letterboxers hide small boxes in publicly accessible places. Unlike geocaching which relies on GPS, letterboxers distribute clues to finding the box in printed catalogs, on one of several web sites, or by word of mouth. Whether you are geocaching, letterboxing or both, a GoCamp van can help get you on the right path.