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Five Reasons to Rent a Ford Transit

Today we’re diving into the top five reasons to rent a Ford Transit camper van for your next adventure. We’re proud of our selection of Ford Transit camper vans. They’re rugged, adaptable, and built for vanlife.

Ford Transits have become a popular choice thanks to their parts and service accessibility. Additionally they have extra room and standing space. They are also designed to be adaptable and highly customizable. Whatever you plan to do on your vacation, you’ll love the reliability and comfort of a Ford Transit camper van.

Find out how a Ford Transit camper van rental can elevate your outdoor adventures.

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Reason #1 to Rent a Ford Transit: Can Be Serviced Anywhere

While the open road is full of excitement and adventure, it can also bring unexpected challenges from time to time.

Every GoCamp camper van is thoroughly vetted and maintained before you hit the road. But sometimes flat tires and other minor mechanical issues happen. Luckily no matter where you are, any mechanic can work on a Ford Transit camper van.

Unlike the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, with the Transit you don’t need a specialized dealership or repair shop if issues pop up. This also means parts are inexpensive and easy to come by.

Additionally, you can travel worry-free in many of our Transits thanks to rechargeable batteries.

Camper vans like the Highwayvan in Chattanooga are equipped with batteries that can be charged while you’re hooked up to shore power or via the solar panel on its roof. You can even juice them up while you’re driving.

Rent a Ford Transit Camper Van and Explore Tennessee.

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Reason #2 to Rent a Ford Transit: Ford Transits Offer More Space Than Other Camper Vans

Thanks to their standard standing height of six feet, the Transit camper van provides more room for you to move freely. This is great when you’re making your morning brew, cooking, playing games, or getting ready for a day out on the trail.

And it isn’t just extra headroom, there is extra storage space too so you have plenty of room to pack your essentials and a lot more.

If you’re looking to take a family vacation, campers like the Eco Roam in Colorado are designed to be your home away from home. This family-friendly camper van conversion boasts two comfy seats up front, a back seat bench that fits up to three more people, a platform bed, and space for kiddos to camp out underneath.

You’ll have all the room you need for travel, relaxation, and everything in between.

Explore the Eco Roam Ford Transit camper van rental Denver.

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Reason #3 to Rent a Ford Transit: Ford Transit Camper Vans Have Powerful Engines and Towing Capacity

You need a camper van rental that’s heavy duty enough to haul you and your crew up and down mountain passes or stretches of desert without slowing you down. Ford Transit campers have two engine options. Both options are equipped with a 3.5-liter V6. The base engine provides 275 horsepower while the turbocharged engine generates 310 horsepower.

You can easily accelerate and pull into busy traffic as you make your way out of the city. And with a towing capacity of 7,500 pounds, you don’t have to worry about weighing these babies down with your gear!

Transits can also be great for traversing rough terrain and extreme conditions. Campers like the Lt. Van in Portland include a V6 Ecoboost Engine and AWD and BF Goodrich extreme snow and mud tires. Part van, part snowmobile—you’ll get to your adventure destination with ease.

Adventure in the Lt. Van Ford Transit camper van rental.

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Reason #4 to Rent a Ford Transit: Enjoy a Smooth Ride and Interior Comforts in the Ford Transit

Folks who rent a Ford Transit know the journey is just as important as the destination. With how much time you spend on the road, ease of handling and personal comfort are extremely important.

The Ford Transit comes with superior suspension, relative immunity to side winds, and strong brakes. When you rent a Ford Transit camper, you can expect a calm driving experience. You’ll be able to sit back, enjoy the sights, and listen to your favorite tunes undisturbed.

If you’re traveling with a group, those in the back can kick back and enjoy the ride in extreme comfort thanks to the seating and bed design found in Transits. Vans like the Trekker in Salt Lake City feature a double-decker bed so you can take turns resting in between stops.

Ride easy in the Trekker Ford Transit Camper Van.

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Reason #5 to Rent a Ford Transit: The Customization Possibilities are Endless with Ford Transit Camper Vans

Living in a van looks different for everyone. Those who own Ford Transits know that the options for add-ons and customizations are infinite. 

Whether it’s more seating or bedding options, extra standing space, or kitchen appliances, these camper vans can be designed to fit the exact adventure you’re looking for. 

GoCamp’s extensive fleet of Ford Transits is always road trip ready. All you need to worry about are your groceries, personal items, and any best furry friends who may be joining you on your adventure. Just hop in and go!

Experience the outdoors in the Griswold Ford Transit camper van San Diego.

Rent a Ford Transit Camper Van Today

No matter where your next adventure takes you, you’ll never forget your experience in a Ford Transit camper van. Camping will never be the same after living the vanlife in a fully equipped camper van that’s designed to handle anything the road throws at it. 

We’re excited to offer Ford Transits in multiple locations across the country, including southern states like Tennessee, up through the Rocky Mountains, into the deserts of Arizona and all along the western coast.