woman holding a pumpkin

Fall Crafts in a Camper Van

It’s that time of year again. It’s fall. The trees are full of yellow, red, and orange leaves, the light catching them just so. And as they do every year, those very same leaves will eventually find their way to the ground. When they do, you could scoop them up and get crafting.

Below we share some of our favorite ways to use the leaves in your yard, or the ones you found on your fall hike, to make your home cozy and festive. If you have a camper van, with a little planning ahead, you can do these crafts where ever you happen to be parked. And that sure seems like a lovely way to spend your time while on a fall camping trip.

Leaf Confetti

Using only a hole punch, this festival fall decor will not only make a unique spin on your next celebration, it will also help keep non-biodegradable materials out of our outdoor home. First, snatch up some of those golden yellows, fiery reds and fading green leaves.

Pick a wide variety of shades to give your “woo-hoo!” moment some extra razzle-dazzle. Next, start punching holes out of the leaves. Last, pick that perfect moment to spring into action and celebrate the changing of seasons, a fall birthday, or just yourself.

Leaf Garlands

This one is a seasonal classic. It's easy to make a leaf garland to add some color to your home. You could string the garland across an area in your camper van, or along a wall in your home.

All you need is some string and your best fall pickins. For a super simple garland, use needle and thread to string the leaves together. Stop when you feel like you have the length you want. To fancy it up a bit, you could have leaves cascade down from a decorative stick. For the stick version, tie fishing wire to the stick. Then attach one or several leaves to each piece of fishing wire until you have a fountain of flowing leaves to brighten up your home. 

The Best Leaf of All

You know that feeling when you find the most perfect leaf of the season? That one that catches your eye and draws you in? Well now you can savor that sense of wonder all year. If you’re an avid writer, save your special prize in your journal to recall seasons past. Or if you are a letter writer you could mail a pressed leaf to a friend. What’s better than a surprise letter with a surprise treasure to boot? 

And if you’re the sentimental type, grab your best laminator and save your fall find for years to come as a holiday ornament. Simply laminate your leaf, trim the edges, bring that hole punch back out, and string it up. Easy-peasy. And now you have a sweet little memory of that moment you found the best leaf of the season.

Spice Up Your Pumpkin

Pumpkins are great in pumpkin pie, and they are also often used as fall decor from Halloween through Thanksgiving. This year, decorate a pumpkin or two with some fall foliage to give your holiday table a little extra flash.

All you need is that perfect pumpkin to match your prized leaf pickins’ and some glue. You can add leaves to a white pumpkin, as did our CEO Camila, or you can paint your pumpkin another color before getting started. Painted or not, just glue the leaves to the pumpkin for a unique spin on your holiday decor.

Fall Crafts Your Family Won't BeLEAF

As noted earlier, you can do any of these fall crafts in situ when you're in a camper van. You and your crew can tap into those creative muscles anytime, anywhere. So get ready to make some special memories with you and yours this holiday season with the wonderful world around you in your very own camper van.

If you're ready to hit the road with games and crafts just outside your door, click the button below to find the perfect camper van for your fall adventure.