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Create a Memorable Name for Your Camper Van

Whether you’re still evaluating options for getting a camper van of your own, or you just got the keys to the van of your dreams, your rig needs a name! Each GoCamp camper van already has a unique name. Some camper van names are inspired by previous adventures, others by a favorite book, song or movie.

Picking a creative name for your camper van is a subtle but important step if you are thinking about renting out your van. Most renters don’t want a cookie cutter, generic RV. Nor do they want too much branding on the side of the van screaming “tourist alert.” They want a rental experience that’s unique and special. So by all means, let your RV shine! Naming your rig is half the fun of owning anyway, right?

And as for a camper van name? Luckily for you, we’ve got some one-of-a-kind, pun-tastic camper van name suggestions to get you started.

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Play on Words Names

Here are some van names that’ll make anyone you meet on the road crack a smile:

Vancy Pansy
Vants in the Pants
Van’s Labyrinth
Peter Van
Vanity Fare
Van Ole Opry

Song or Music Names

If you’re always the one with the aux chord:

Van on the Run
Vannie Nelson
Vanny Wynette
Stand by Your Van
Any Van of Mine
Vania Twain
LeVan Rimes

Showtime Names

Movies and TV junkies, these van names are for you:

Captain Vantastic
Bruce Vanner
Vanny Tanner (RIP)
Patches O’Vanagon
Vance Vaughn
Vanny DeVito
Vanny Trejo
Jennifer Vaniston
Danny Vanner
Vanny Zuko

GoCamp Hall of Fame Names

If you’re still looking for some inspiration, check out our favorite GoCamp van names over the years:

Weekend Warrior
Happy Glamper
Fred the Ford Transit
Iggy Pop Top
Ramblin’ Van
Mighty Metris
Trip Van Winkle
Wheelie Nelson
Van Diesel

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And finally, for holiday lovers, consider either Vanta Claus or Vanta’s Sleigh!

The list of possible camper van names is endless. Do you want to name your van after a favorite destination? Perhaps a unique feature of the van, like its color, will inspire a creative name. Maybe your kids will make up something priceless. We’ve no doubt you’ll come up with a great name. And we’re equally confident you and your van will enjoy many miles of good times together.

And don’t forget, if your van isn’t already listed with GoCamp, you can get started here.