camper van camping at wasatch cache national forest

Explore Camping at Wasatch Cache National Forest in Utah

Utah’s wild heart lies within the majestic expanse of the Wasatch Cache National Forest. For those who seek a breath of pine-scented air or a sky full of stars, this 1.2 million-acre retreat is a haven. Keep reading to discover the serene world of camping at Wasatch Cache National Forest. We’ll provide an in-depth look at the best campgrounds and the plethora of adventures awaiting those who camp among its storied forests.

camping at wasatch cache national forest

Camping at Wasatch Cache National Forest

For the camper van adventurer looking for a balance of amenities and access to the forest, several established campgrounds cater to the needs of RV travelers. Below are a few standouts.

Mirror Lake Campground

Located on the forest’s Evanston-Mountain View Ranger District, Mirror Lake Campground is nestled in a dense pine forest just off the edge of the National Scenic Byway, Mirror Lake Highway. With over 100 campsites and a high mountain lake nearby, it’s perfect for fishing and relaxing.

Pine Valley Campground

On the Logan Ranger District, Pine Valley Campground has sites located on the banks of the Logan River. The area provides hiking opportunities for all skill levels, with beautiful views and diverse wildlife.

Monte Cristo Campground

Monte Cristo Campground sits 22 miles northeast of Huntsville along Highway 166 in a dense grove of conifers. This spot offers the forest at your doorstep with 18 single sites and one double site, some of which can accommodate a trailer or camper van.

Each of these campgrounds offers a different but equally stunning backdrop for your outdoor experience, with the added convenience of nearby facilities.

Boondocking Bliss

For those seeking a more rugged, independent experience, camping at Wasatch Cache National Forest offers boondocking—camping off the grid, without hookups—in the surroundings of the national forest is an appealing alternative. These spots often offer more solitude and a closer connection to nature.

Stateline Reservoir

Tucked between Utah and Wyoming off of Highway 150, this small reservoir and its luscious meadows provide a perfect spot for boondocking with the towering mountains of the Wasatch Range in the background.

Crystal Lake Dispersed Camping Area

East of Mirror Lake and near the Upper Provo River, Crystal Lake provides an idyllic remote camping in Utah with views of natural splendor. A 4×4 might be necessary to reach certain patches, but the adventure is well worth it.

While boondocking may require a bit more preparation and self-sufficiency, these spots often offer some of the most alluring views and peaceful settings available. Make certain to select the right camper van for your adventure. If you have questions, let us know. We’re happy to help anytime.

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Ultimate Outdoor Adventure at Wasatch Cache

The campgrounds are just the beginning of the Wasatch Cache experience. From each of these sites, a multitude of trails fan out, leading to the high peaks and through the verdant valleys of the National Forest. Hiking, fishing, and bird watching are just the start of an adventure limited only by your imagination.

Hiking Musts

Wasatch Cache is renowned for its hiking trails, which cater to all skill levels. From the popular Solitude Lake trail to the more challenging High-Line trail, hikers are treated to a variety of landscapes, from dense forests to panoramic ridgelines.

Fishing Hotspots

Anglers flock to the reservoirs and streams of Wasatch Cache in pursuit of the area’s legendary trout. Mirror Lake, located in the Uinta Wasatch Cache, is one of the most stunning natural bodies of water in the United States and offers some of the finest fishing in the state.

Bird Watching Bonanza

The National Forest is home to a rich avian life. Bird watchers can delight in the opportunity to spot species such as the peregrine falcon, bald eagle, and many songbirds among the crags and canyons.

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The Best Time to Go RV Camping

Anytime! Utah’s Wasatch Cache National Forest is a year-round destination. In the summer months, June through September, you can expect warmer days and cooler nights, ideal for most outdoor activities.

The fall also offers a spectacular display of colors as the leaves change, but be prepared for potential early snowstorms. 

Winter, meanwhile, brings a blanket of pristine snow, perfect for those who love cold-weather activities—but be mindful of road closures. GoCamp offers camper vans suitable for summer and winter weather, so browse our curated fleet to find the perfect fit.

Amenities and Essentials

When camping at Wasatch Cache National Forest each campground features picnic tables, fire rings, and vault toilets. However, because Wasatch Cache is a high-altitude forest, rapid changes in weather are common. Pack for both the hot days and the cool nights; layers are key here.

Staying Safe and Preserving Wilderness

Remember Leave No Trace principles—pack out what you pack in, keep food secure from wildlife, and camp in designated areas. Also, be sure to check if there are any fire restrictions in place, especially during Utah’s hot, dry summers.

Reservations and Availability

When camping in Utah, reservations for campgrounds are strongly recommended, but some first-come, first-served sites are available. For those who miss the chance to book in advance, early arrival can sometimes secure a site as well.

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Our Recommendations for a Memorable Trip

  • Check the weather before you go, but prepare for anything.
  • Make a checklist of essentials like water, food, and a first aid kit.
  • Respect the local wildlife and flora, and educate yourself on potential encounters.
  • Bring a map, compass, or GPS. Cell service can be spotty or nonexistent.
  • Pack a camera and/or binoculars to capture wildlife sightings and scenic vistas.

Where Serenity Meets Adventure

Camping at Wasatch Cache National Forest is a gateway to a wilderness as diverse as it is vast. Whether you’re setting out on a secluded trail, casting your line into a hidden mountain lake, or simply enjoying the crackle of a campfire under a starry sky, the memories you make here will last a lifetime. This post has only scratched the surface of the adventures waiting within these forested halls. It’s time to pack your bags, lace up your boots, and answer the call of the wild camping in Utah. If you’re looking for another amazing place to visit in Utah, check out our guide on Bryce Canyon.

Select your favorite camper van from our curated fleet, and make this trip unforgettable!