Why a Sprinter is the Best Choice

Not every camper van rental is the same. While some might offer only the basic essentials, others offer deluxe amenities that can elevate your camping experience.

GoCamp’s fleet of camper vans is highly curated, featuring only the best vans designed for a life on the road. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van rentals we offer are especially thoughtful in their remarkable aesthetics and luxurious amenities.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans have become a super popular option for living the van life. These models feature the latest technologies in driving, entertainment, power, and fuel efficiency. They’re rugged enough to handle the outdoors, and provide all the comfort you need when on the road.

Whether you’re setting out on a romantic getaway or planning a solo trek into the backcountry, discover why a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper van rental could be the perfect option for you!

Side view of Sprinter van rental as it sits with an open door, umbrella, and lawn chairs on the coast in San Diego

Reason 1: It’s Ideal for a Romantic Getaway

The results are in: most folks prioritize experiences over things. A romantic camping trip is the ultimate way to see beautiful new places, get out of your comfort zone, and try something new together.

So skip the store-bought bouquet and hit the road! Many of our Mercedes Sprinter camper van rentals are designed with romance in mind. They can usher you into an idyllic weekend exploring the California coast or traversing the southwest together.

Van Luca features a stylish kitchen perfect for prepping a romantic meal. This van also boasts a built-in convection stove and plenty of counter space, so you and your sous chef can practice your outdoor culinary skills. 

With a set of outdoor furniture included with your rental, you can enjoy your meal together underneath the stars before relaxing by the fire. And once you’re ready to call it a night, cuddle up together on the queen-sized memory foam mattress. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to continue your journey together!

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Interior photo of a bed, sink, and table in a sprinter van rental by Zen Vans in Portland

Reason 2: Sleep in Complete Comfort While Camping

After countless hours of sleeping on the on the hard ground while camping in a traditional tent, isn’t it time for a truly restful and tranquil night’s sleep outdoors?

Traveling and sleeping in a sprinter van rental gives you more warmth (no wind chill!), saves you money on sleeping bags and pads, and provides a much safer environment while sleeping. But best of all, you get to really stretch out after a day exploring the mountains, lakes, and rivers of the Pacific Northwest.

Named after a delightful beach town in Oregon, Manzanita is all about peace and serenity. While this van is loaded with amenities, what you’ll get most excited about is its oversized, 10-inch thick Avocado mattress.

If it’s a warm night, leave the windows open and put up the mosquito nets to keep insects out. Lull yourself to sleep with the sounds of nature and the perfect amount of breeze.

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A woman puts away dished in a cabinet in a GoCamp camper van rental

Reason 3: Easily Store All Your Gear and Clothes

You’ve long figured out how to play Tetris with your gear, clothing, and food when you decide to hit the road while camping. You’ve also grown used to establishing a corner in your tent for digging through everything you need for the day.

Most of converted Sprinter van rental options provide plenty of space to store all your necessities and toys. Then there are the vans that go above and beyond with where you can put your things.

Whether you’re traveling solo or with friends and family, Hanna has plenty seating, sleeping, and yes, storage options!

You’d be hard-pressed to find a camper van that has actual closets. But not only does the Hanna feature a closet with shelving, it also has one that you can hang your clothes in. Plus there’s tons of storage you can use under the beds, benches, and on the roof.

There’s also a ton of space in the kitchen between its 2-door fridge and extra counter space (with all the essentials you need to cook). All you have to bring is the food!

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Two adults and a baby relax on a bunk bed system in a Sprinter van rental with open back doors

Reason 4: Fit the Whole Brood AND Your Furry Friend

There’s nothing like a road trip with those you love the most. Whether you’re packing up the family or getting together with a few of your closest friends, checking out a new area of the country with your crew is always an adventure.

When it’s just you, packing can be simple. Add two-three people to the mix, and all of a sudden you’re running out of space. Bringing your pup with you adds in even more to plan for — now you have to think about how you’ll fit their traveling gear in.

Not anymore! La Explora allows you, your family, and your beloved four-legged friends to navigate the bright and beautiful southwest in comfort, without ever feeling crowded.

This van seats and sleeps up to five people, which is impressive for a camper van. Outfitted with bunk-style beds, you may feel a little nostalgic when you lay down for the night.

You’ll also appreciate how dog-friendly vans like the La Explora are — bring your favorite canine camping buddy along for the ride for no extra charge!

You’ll want to bring along everyone’s favorite toys, games, and gear for the trip. The La Explora features all the storage you need during your trip and extra adventures along the way.

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A pot sits on an induction stove in the kitchen of a GoCamp camper van

Reason 5: You Can Relax in Total Comfort and Style

There’s nothing like exploring the outdoors and having a cozy bed and stocked kitchen to return to back at camp.

When it comes to GoCamp’s Mercedes Sprinter camper van rentals, these are anything but standard. Every camper van is custom-made to tailor to the specific experiences and needs of renters. And they’re designed to show off their own style and flair, too!

Start your journey in the heart of California with Rocky. Warm and welcoming aesthetics aside, this van was built for comfort.

The central and northern coast of California can get chilly year-round. Thanks to the radiant heat built into the floor, your feet will always stay toasty.

Enjoy some options with how you dine on the road. The swiveling chairs can turn towards a Lagun table to create a dining area indoors or sit underneath the awning for an alfresco dining experience.

End your day with a hot shower and curl up in bed with a good book. Because of the reading lights conveniently placed above the bed, you can kick back comfortably with no more headlamps!

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A Mercedes-Benz sprinter van named Frances sits on a dirt road in a desert canyon

Reason 6: They’re Nimble Enough to Drive in the City

When you hit the road in a Sprinter camper van rental, the ride is as much a part of the adventure as anything else. But to get to that open road, you likely have to traverse some serious city traffic.

Rest assured — you can pack a ton into a Mercedes Sprinter camper van, but they’re nimble enough to tackle anything you come across on the road. No blind spots or special parking spots needed!

When Colorado is calling your name, you have to go for Free Bird, a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper van. Pick it up in Denver and then put some miles between you and the Mile High City as you discover the state’s mountains, lakes, and endless hiking trails.

While this van is rugged enough for any terrain, you can feel comfortable stopping off in any of the charming towns around Colorado for a quick lunch in between destinations. Plus, enjoy all the other amenities, comforts, and style that you’d find with other Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van rentals.

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