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Why I Love My MODE 4×4 Camper Van

Author: Emma Walsmith

There are thousands of camper vans sold throughout the United States each year. Travelers are yearning more for high-quality craftsmanship, storage space, and added comfort when living life on the road.

Manufacturers have been stepping up their design game by churning out vans that check off all the boxes. All tastes and styles are accommodated for. One of the most impressive among them is the Storyteller Overland MODE 4×4 camper van.

From its power capabilities and storage capacity to its flexibility in design, I haven’t come across a better camper van.

It has everything my family and I could ask for when we’re living the #vanlife and traveling the country—which is why you’re more likely to see us out there than at home most days!

I did the math yesterday, and between April 7 and November 10, 2022, I will be home in Iowa 42 out of 214 days. The other 172 days will be spent on the road with my 2020 Storyteller Overland MODE 4×4 camper van.

Before getting our van, being gone from Iowa that long would make me homesick. But with my MODE I’ve found the #vanlife truth: home is where you park it.

We got our Storyteller Overland MODE 4×4 at the end of June 2020 as a solution to how we could travel self-contained and safely during a global pandemic.

In our first year of #MODElife, we traveled to 34 states and drove over 50,000 miles!

Now that we’re approaching a full two years as MODElifers—with just north of 90,000 miles on the odometer and many miles ahead of us—it felt almost kismet when our friends at GoCamp asked me, “Hey, what do you love about your MODE?”

Four Reasons I Love My MODE 4×4 Camper Van

I could probably write a book about all the things I love about our MODE but for now, I’ll keep things more succinct and mention the major things that have changed our lives on the road since we got our MODE.

You are Never Cramped or Uncomfortable

We looked at numerous adventure vans and even rented one that we thought we might buy a few years ago in Colorado.

That rental experience shined a light on the fact that giving up a large section of a 144 wheelbase to a water closet was not something I was going to love. Instead, it dashed our adventure van dreams momentarily because we had yet to hear about Storyteller Overland.

In June of 2020, Jason shared with me videos of Andrew Cooley—aka Overland Jones—presenting all the ways the Groove Lounge seat could move (which were amazing). And the Halo Shower system that tucks away into a cupboard and doesn’t take up space when you aren’t using it? Double amazing. What sealed the deal is the flexibility of the MODE 4×4. You can haul just about anything—skis, snowboards, climbing equipment, bags, instruments—and still have room to bring along your friends or your pups.

This Baby Has Unlimited Power

Have you heard about the Volta Power System? From what I’ve learned, it’s a robust lithium power system that provides a whopping 3200W inverter that allows MODElifers to go off-grid for days without a generator or connecting to shore power.

We drive most days and our secondary alternator recharges the Volta System from zero to 100 in about one hour of driving or less. Is it magic? I think so.

Folks often ask us how many things can be plugged in at once in our van. Can we run the microwave at the same time we’re running the induction stove?

You can plug in all of the things and you can use all of the things with no worries whatsoever!

Just a month after we got our MODE, our state was hit by a Derecho (an inland hurricane event). We lost power to our house for six days and most of our neighbors lost all of the contents of their refrigerators and deep freezers.

We plugged our house refrigerator and deep freezer into the exterior outlet on our van while we ran the roof air conditioner all night and slept in the driveway with our dogs.

The Volta Power System got us through a very difficult time and now it fuels all of our adventures.

It Feels Like Home

The MODE 4×4 is beyond cozy and relaxing—there’s room for three grown adults to sleep comfortably in our van.

I am six feet tall and I get my best sleep on the Dreamweaver bed. It has flares on either end of the bed so that I can sleep sideways and comfortably stretch out. I especially love that one of the flares has a sliding window that—when the weather’s right—provides a perfect stream of fresh air while I wind down and go to sleep.

And I’m not the only one who feels this way. My pups absolutely love cuddling up when we’re on the road. It’s maybe become their favorite way to sleep!

My mom—who doesn’t own a camper van (yet)—called me one day and said, “I saw on Instagram that some people build their bed long-ways in their van instead of using flares to sleep sideways. I don’t understand why anyone would choose to not sleep sideways!” She gets it.

We Vanlifers Are a Family

My favorite feature of our MODE is the community of strangers we’ve met who’ve turned into friends and family.

We’ve found that the #MODElife and #vanlife communities are made up of really fabulous, supportive humans. They not only pursue adventure and chase the better things in life, but enjoy celebrating and supporting one another.

Our fellow #MODElifers have made the last two years a beautiful experience in an otherwise potentially stressful time. Their friendships have provided so many smiles per mile.

Storyteller Overland has always said it’s not about the destination or the journey, it’s about the people you connect with along the way.

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About the Author

Emma Walsmith is a halftime vanlifer with her husband, Jason, and dogs, Pepper & Potter. Emma and Jason travel the U.S. in their 2020 Storyteller Overland MODE4x4. They also play live shows under Jason’s solo project—Jason Walsmith Storyteller—and with Jason’s band—The Nadas.

You can follow Emma and her family’s adventures on Instagram and YouTube.